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Gerald Roger Dewes formerly with Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc. Has 5 Customer Complaints for Alleged Broker Misconduct

Who is Gerald R. Dewes formerly with Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc.?

Gerald Dewes (CRD #2465538) who was formerly registered with Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc. and located in East Amherst, New York is a subject of one of our many securities industry sales practice abuse investigations. Prior to Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc., Gerald Dewes was associated with Lincoln Financial Securities Corporation and 6 other investment advisory and brokerage firms with a history of customer complaints and securities industry regulatory problems.

On November 18, 2019, Gerald Dewes was discharged from employment at Caderet Grant & Co., Inc. for allegedly “selling away” from the firm by soliciting clients to invest in an unapproved and undisclosed outside business of which he was an officer and director and then allegedly converted his clients’ funds for his own use.

Following the termination of Gerald Dewes, the FINRA commenced an investigation of his alleged participation in undisclosed private securities transactions, and outside business activities in violation of its rules. FINRA requested pursuant to Rule 8210 that Gerald Dewes appear and give on-the-record testimony in connection with its investigation. He refused and then entered into an Acceptance, Waiver & Consent (AWC) agreement whereby he was permanently barred from any further association with any FINRA member firm in any capacity in the future.

Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc. Broker Misconduct

In his career, Gerald Dewes has been the subject of 5 customer complaints that we know about, the 3 of those complaints were filed in the last year to recover investment losses. One of Gerald Dewes’ 5 customer complaints was settled in favor of investors. Two of those complaints were denied by his employer, and to date, the investors have not taken any further action. There are currently 2 pending customer complaints filed against Gerald Dewes’ former employer Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc. for investment losses caused by his alleged misconduct.

Allegations Against Gerald Dewes

A sample of the allegations made in the FINRA reported arbitration claim settlements and pending complaints for investment losses are as follows:

  • The investor alleged unsuitable transactions in the managed account and breach of Gerald Dewes’s fiduciary duty to him.
  • The client alleged that the broker traded the account in a manner inconsistent with the stated investment objectives.
  • Claimants alleged unsuitable investment recommendations, common law fraud, breach of contract, negligent supervision, and breach of fiduciary duty in connection with their investments which were allegedly unapproved by the brokerage firm that employed him.
  • The client alleged that she was not aware of REIT investments purchased in her account, and further that the investment was unsuitable.

Gerald Dewes Red Flags & Your Rights As An Investor

Of course, Gerald Dewes did not admit to any of the allegations. But regardless of whether an arbitration award was entered, a settlement occurred, or the customer complaint is still pending, the allegations made by customers are red flags which should put all current and former customers of Gerald Dewes at Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc. and Lincoln Financial Securities Corporation on alert to review carefully the activity and performance of their accounts and question whether Gerald Dewes has engaged in any stockbroker misconduct that may have caused them investment losses.

The large number of customer complaints at Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc. about Gerald Dewes also raises questions about its supervisory practices. If these red flags raise questions, call us and we will inform you of your rights as an investor.

File A Claim to Recover Your Investment Losses At [name of firm]

If you have questions about Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc., Lincoln Financial Securities Corporation and/or Gerald Dewes and the management or performance of your accounts please contact Attorney Pearce for a free initial consultation via email or Toll Free at 1-800-732-2889.

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