Securities arbitration lawyer Robert W. Pearce, a Florida based securities lawyer with a practice that is primarily representing investors in FINRA arbitrations against broker dealers and advisors, answers one of the more frequently asked questions.

Video Transcript

My name is Robert Pearce. I am perhaps one of the most experienced attorneys in the United States in FINRA arbitrations. I go back to the beginning, as early as 1983. When I started representing investors in these arbitrations, there were only a handful of us. And today, there are hundreds advertising over the internet with Google ad campaigns and touting their experience when they really don’t have much experience at all.

I’ve represented investors in hundreds of FINRA arbitrations. I’ve tried over 150 to completion, and since FINRA has started keeping records, there are over 100 published arbitration awards with my name on it.

Not only have I represented investors, but I’ve been on the other side of the table representing financial advisors and stock brokers and stock brokerage firms. So I have the perspective of both sides of the table in these FINRA arbitrations.

Not only have I worked as a lawyer in these FINRA arbitrations, but I’m actually a FINRA arbitrator, FINRA mediator, and I’ve trained FINRA arbitrators. I’ve campaigned and selected arbitrators for FINRA.

My experience in these FINRA arbitrations is extensive, perhaps again, one of the most experienced trial lawyers in FINRA arbitrations in the United States.