Securities arbitration lawyer Robert W. Pearce, a Florida based securities lawyer with a practice that is primarily representing investors in FINRA arbitrations against broker dealers and advisors, answers one of the more frequently asked questions: Can investors win FINRA arbitrations?

Video Transcript

My name is Robert Pearce and the answer to your question is yes, investors who are wronged by stockbroker misconduct can win FINRA arbitrations and do so, with the right attorney. Investors need a skilled and experienced FINRA securities arbitration attorney to help them win these arbitrations. Over 95% of the cases that are brought by investors themselves result in zeros. They lose, because they don’t know the rules, they don’t know the laws and they don’t know how FINRA arbitrators decide claims.

But even with attorneys, the success rate is reported to be less than 50% across the nation and that is attributed largely to the filing of FINRA arbitrations by lawyers representing investors, who don’t have the skills, who don’t have the experience, who are young, who have captured clients through Google advertisements and not because of their true experience and their results.

Investors oftentimes don’t investigate attorneys, just like they don’t investigate stockbrokers. Sometimes FINRA attorneys can be as bad as the stock brokers and so you need to be skilled in your selection process and careful.

You need to interview your attorney. Yes, you can win FINRA arbitrations with the right attorney.

Now, I’ve been practicing in this area for over 40 years. In the FINRA arbitrations that I have participated, hundreds, I have only lost five cases in my 40 years. That’s a fairly good record. It’s no indication of how you’re going to do, but I can tell you, I’m not going to take your case unless I believe we can win. I’m not going to waste my time. I generally take these cases on a contingency fee basis, and that means I don’t get paid unless I win your case. The thousands or tens of thousands of dollars I might advance on your behalf will be lost, unless I believe that you truly can win your case.

And yes, you can win FINRA arbitrations with the right attorney.

There are over a hundred published FINRA arbitration awards in my name where I’ve been successful. I’ve recovered over $170 million for investors in the last 20 years which is when I started keeping track of my arbitration wins and I recovered tens of millions in the years before.

Yes, with the right attorney, you can win your FINRA arbitration. Be careful in who you select, make sure you have a skilled, experienced FINRA securities arbitration attorney representing you in arbitration.