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Many of these cases are governed by Florida's Prudent Investor Rule. In short, the rule states that trustees or other fiduciaries must manage the accounts in a way that "a prudent investor" would manage his or her own money. The critical issue is the conduct of the trustee rather than the actual performance of the portfolio. As long as the strategy was sound, it can be found to be prudent even if it was not successful.

It is important that you have an attorney who knows the Prudent Investor Rule and how Trustees mismanage trusts and with the experience necessary to protect your interests. The Law Offices of Robert Wayne Pearce, P.A., with its principal office located in Boca Raton, Florida has successfully represented beneficiaries for many years in these cases.

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A trustee or other fiduciary has a responsibility under the law to manage trusts and other investment accounts in a prudent fashion that is consistent with the accounts' stated goals and terms. Mismanagement of these types of accounts can result in significant financial losses for the beneficiaries and can lead to complex legal disputes.

In some cases, the trustee is a financial professional who makes the investment decisions personally. In others, he or she is essentially an administrator who hires a qualified professional to manage the accounts. Attorney Pearce will thoroughly review your case to determine if there were mistakes made and who was responsible and seek recovery of the losses you have suffered as a beneficiary.

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Robert Wayne Pearce, P.A. understands that the mismanagement of trust accounts and other investment accounts can cause beneficiaries to suffer investment losses. Attorney Pearce knows all about the Prudent Investor Rule and is fully dedicated to getting the best possible result for your case, successfully representing beneficiaries and holding trustees accountable for their mismanagement. Mr. Pearce provides a complete review of your case and explains all of your legal options, giving you complete peace of mind when making important decisions about your case.

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