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Mark Alan Cline With National Securities Corporation Has 12 Customer Complaints For Alleged Broker Misconduct In the Past Year

Who is Mark Alan Cline With National Securities Corporation

Mark Alan Cline (CRD# 3206962) who is currently registered with National Securities Corporation and located in Wildwood, Florida is a subject of one of our many securities industry sales practice abuse investigations. Prior to National Securities Corporation, Mark Kline was associated with 3 other investment advisory and brokerage firms with a history of customer complaints and securities industry regulatory problems.

National Securities Corporation Broker Misconduct

In his career, Mark Kline has been the .subject of 12 customer complaints that we know about, all 12 of those complaints were filed in the last two years to recover investment losses. Many of those complaints relate to GPB Capital holdings private placements and the investment losses those customers suffered.

Allegations Against Mark Alan Cline

The allegations made in the FINRA arbitration claims for investment losses relate to GPB Automotive, GPB Waste Management and other GPB Capital Holdings private placement investments. These GPB funds and others that stopped making the promised distributions have had no audited financial statements for years; no Audit Committee because the members quit due to perceived risks in the firms books and records; failed to send out Form K-1s so now some IRA investors are going to be penalized; failed to file mandatory SEC annual and quarterly statements for two years; and run by a company under investigation by the FBI, SEC, FINRA, State of Massachusetts and NYC Business Integrity Commission AND defendant in multiple class action lawsuits. It appears that Mark Cline and his employer failed to do their Due Diligence before recommending these private placement investments.

Mark Cline Red Flags & Your Rights As An Investor

Of course, Mark Cline does not admit to any of the allegations. But regardless of whether an arbitration award is entered, a settlement occurs, or the customer complaint is still pending, the allegations made by customers are red flags which should put all current and former customers of Mark Cline at National Securities Corporation on alert to review carefully the activity and performance of their accounts and question whether Mark Cline has engaged in any stockbroker misconduct that may have caused them investment losses. The large number of customer complaints at National Securities Corporation also raises questions about supervisory practices. If these red flags raise questions, call us and we will inform you of your rights as an investor.

File A Claim To Recover Your Investment Losses At National Securities Corporation

If you have questions about National Securities Corporation and/or Mark Cline and the management or performance of your accounts please contact Attorney Pearce for a free initial consultation via email or Toll Free at 1-800-732-2889 or locally at 561-338-0037.

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